Why You Must Depend On A Removalist Company For Moving House Piano?

Why You Must Depend On A Removalist Company For Moving House Piano?

Moving home is worrisome for most people because of the stress involved in the process of organizing the move even if done through a removalist.  Yet, some enthusiastic people might want to handle everything by themselves, which is quite possible sometimes, depending on the extent of goods and the nature of items.

The nature of things is most important because some big and heavy items are also delicate like the piano that needs a particular type of handling by using special material handling equipment.

When you are moving your beloved piano, the worst mistake that you can do is to try to move it by yourself. Instead, you must entrust the job to some home removalist company like Delcoremovals.com.au who are experts in handling specialized items like pianos.

Although piano removal is expensive, if you love the piano, you just should not take chances with it.

Bulky and heavy

The piano is not just a unique musical instrument that is also very special from the perspective of home removing. Unlike other furniture, the piano is not the one that you toss around and allow it to bounce at the rear end of a moving truck.

The looks can defy the weight of pianos because they are much heavier than what it appears to be. The average weight of a piano can be between 200kg and 400 kg, and some are even larger and heavier. A piano weighing around 500 kg would need at least 6 people to move it around.

And this is where the expertise of piano movers comes into play. By using the right material handling equipment and skilled handlers, only two people can safely remove the piano even when moving through long distances. They know their job so well that they can do complete justice to it.

It needs more than muscles to move a piano

Muscle power is not everything when moving a piano because it needs brains too. It requires special handling techniques that only specialized and trained people can execute efficiently and safely.

It can never be a DIY job, and you must not even think about it even in your wildest dream. Besides being a heavy piece of furniture, the piano is a very delicate instrument that has 88 keys and 10,000 moving parts.

Even the slightest carelessness in handling could damage some of these moving parts, which is the last thing that you would like to happen. Simply said piano moving is never the job of amateurs and best left to the experts who can ensure its safe movement whether when moving it between floors or moving to a new home.

Develop a moving strategy

Before you engage a removalist to move the piano, you must figure out the difficulty level of the job to get some idea about the cost. Piano removal is expensive, and since you have a budget, you must try to understand the approximate price that has a relation to the weight of the instrument and the complexities of handling.

Although the weight of a piano varies according to the model, an upright model less than 48 inches is around 150 kg while taller ones can be as heavy as 400 kg. Grand pianos can weigh anything between 250 kg to 600 kg.

Talk to the manufacturer to know the weight of your piano. Even the smallest model would require at least three persons to move it through the shortest distance.

Next, you must consider the difficulties in navigating the instrument through the passageways, doors, corners and if it on the upper floors, then the staircase that the handlers have to negotiate with.

Remember that bringing the piano down the stairs is the most challenging part of the job and the stairs must be able to withstand the heavy load.

Make it easy to move

Piano moving is not easy and ensuring a safe passage across the home at the existing place as well as the new location is your job. You must see that the handlers face least difficulties during movement within the house at both places and keep all passages clean and clear.

If some bends and corners are difficult to negotiate, discuss it with the removalist to draw up a plan for safe movement. The better you plan the move, easier will be the execution, and you must prepare well by working alongside the removalist so that there are no surprises when actually making a move.

The touch of specialists

The specialty of moving pianos is evident from the dolly, straps and other equipment that the removalists use for ensuring its safe handling and movement.  The expert removalists are so much familiar with the constructions of pianos and different models that they can judge the situation and decide when to remove the legs of the instrument if at all required.

They would first inspect the equipment to ascertain its weight and size and then consider the measurement of doors and passages to work out the most appropriate technique for moving it safely.

Make a safe move

Protecting the piano from external and internal damages when moving it from one place to another is what only professional removalists can ensure by correct handling.

Before moving, they would close the keyboard lid securely to avoid any damages during movement. They would also ensure that the movement is completely jerk-free so that the delicate internal parts remain intact after the move.

To protect the external surface from scratches and other damages, they wrap it with blankets and padding and use wooden planks or a special dolly to keep the pressure off the legs. Above all, they would ensure that the piano stays upright right from the time of moving it until placed at the new location.

While the upfront cost of moving pianos appears to be more, the saving in terms of avoiding damage offsets it almost completely. Moreover, entrusting a removalist who knows the job gives you complete peace of mind which is like the topping on the cake.

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