Top Gardening Tips

Top Gardening Tips

Keeping a well-maintained garden isn’t as difficult as most people thing. Once you get your plant or flowers going, you can employ the following simple garden tips to effectively maintain your garden and keep it productive.

  • Know Your Dirt

The first step to planting anything is to know your soil. There are essentially three different types of soil; clay, sand and silt. A little research will help you determine the ideal soil type for the plants you want to grow. If you are unsure, ask your local nursery.

  • Mulching

Mulching is not necessarily only done in the spring, but all year round. Mulching keeps the soil temperature stable, keeping the weeds at bay. There are so many varieties of much available that it can come down to a matter of preference.

  • Pruning

You don’t want to put off pruning for too long. The best time to prune your plants is when they are young, before their branches get too thick. Plants are not the same and you may way want to conduct just a little research to find the best time to prune the kind of plants you are growing.

  • Choosing Plants

Choose plants that are adaptable to the soul and climate. They should also be able to survive the amount of sunlight your garden gets. Choosing plants that are easily manageable reduces the time it takes to tend them.

  • Watering Your Plants

If you start your plants from seeds, you may want to frequently water the plants. You should never leave the garden for too long without hydrating. Different plants require different amounts of hydration, but a few decent watering sessions a week should be adequate. The best time to water plants is the mornings or before the peak of sunshine.

  • Fertilizing Your Plants

Fertilizing your plants is also very important. But it is also just as crucial to read the label to avoid putting too much fertilizer at once. When fertilizing your plants, don’t forget to add water since fertilizer tends to dry out the soil which is not good for the plants. Increase the amount of water you add to the soil during the fertilization stage to help the plants absorb the nutrients easily.

  • Prevent Dirty Fingernails

One of the most annoying downsides of gardening is dirty fingernails. Yet, it can be very easily avoided. Before you start your gardening session, draw your fingernails across a bar of soap to seal the dirt underneath. Once you are done with your gardening tasks for the day, you can simply use a nailbrush to remove the soil. You’ll find it at least 10 times easier with this trick than you ordinarily would.  

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